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Divine Sankalpam



      On an auspicious day in early January of 2016, priest Archakam Sri. Padmanabha Acharyulu was blessed with a rare divine thought to build Bhadradri Sri Rama temple in USA. This divine thought is a blessing from Lord Sri Ramanarayana Swamy to shower his blessings on all his devotees in USA.

       Respected Acharya ji has shared and discussed this divine thought with well wishers, near and dear to fullfill the blessings. Respected Acharya ji  reached India in April-2016 to take part in Sri Ramanavami celebrations at Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh. During the auspicious Ramanavami celebrations, Lord Sri Rama Chandra Murthy accompanied with Goddess Sita Mahalakshmi, Lord Lakshmana, Lord Hanuman, Lord Garuda were incarnated as Sri Ramanarayana Swamy Parivaram at Bhadrachalam in 2016.

       Respected Acharya ji along with group of 9 vedic priests has started their journey with Parivaram from Bhadrachalam and travelled to  108 Divya Desam temples in India and Nepal within 48 days. Upon arriving to USA the divine sankalpam of performing a total of  1008 Kalyanams was started with a divine thought to construct "Bhadradri Sri Rama Temple of USA" at Cumming, GA, USA. The lord has blessed 33 acres of land on May 10th 2018 (Hanuma Jayanthi Day). The construction of the temple will begin soon….

              Please visit 108 Divya Desam Yatra  and 1008 Kalyana yatra pages for more details…

|| Jai Sri Ram ||

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