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Land Donation

Slokam: ||Koti Grameshu Vipranam Thatake dvikotibhihi |
|Trikoti koopa samyuktham Chathushkoti vanantaram |
|Pancha Kotisthu kanyayaam Denunaam sashtakotibhihi|
|Sathakotisthu Yagnanaam Prathishtaa phalamuthamam||

With divine blessings of Lord Sri Bhadradri Sri Rama Chandra Swamy, a historic temple is being constructed in the 33 acres of land at Cumming, GA USA. Every devotee can avail once in a life time opportunity to donate and be part of temple construction divine efforts. Devotees are welcome to donate Land. Details are below

1 Square feet - $108

Devotees donating $108 can avail the opportunity of performing Sri Sita Rama kalyanam after the temple inauguration by picking their choice of date as kalyanam date, to perform Sri Sita Rama kalyanam on their behalf at the temple. Every $108 donation is eligible to avail 1 Sri Sita Rama kalyanam event and devotees are requested to provide their Gothram and Nakshatram details along with such donations.

Dear Devotees

Appreciate your generous and kind contribution. Kindly consider adding 2.29% of the donation amount to help offset the per transaction processing fee incurred. Example: A transaction fee of $23.08 is deducted from a donation of $1008.

|| Jai Sri Ram ||