Yatra Details Sarvam Sri Ramarpana Mastu Yatra: Yatra is in progress in CA that started on Jan 19th. For more details please visit Sarvam Sri Ramarpana Masthu page.

Devotee Details


With respected Archakam Sri Padmanabha Acharyaji blessings, 1008 Kalyana Yatra SEVA group is working diligently to acquire details of all Devotees that performed Lord's Kalyanam and maintain the details in the records to send future communication about Kalyana Yatra divine journey.

Devootees are requested to fill the form below to ADD/UPDATE their information.

SEVA group requests for two mobile contact numbers and two unique email addresses to ensure that all communication is delivered in a timely manner to all Devotees.

Devotees information is used only for the following purposes:

(1) Birthday-Anniversary SEVA - Respected Acharyaji provides blessings to over 6000 Devotees on their Birthdays and Anniversaries through a YouTube LiveLink shared via email and 1008 Whatsapp groups.

(2) Month End Blessings SEVA - Respected Acharyaji chants all Kalyana Yatra Devotees Gothranaamalu at the end of every month in the presence of Sri Sita Rama Parivaram, the details of which are shared via 1008 Whatsapp groups.

(3) Smarana SEVA - A Blessed SEVA to remind every devotee, the revered day of Divine Kalyanam performed at their home in the previous year(s) with Respected Acharyaji blessings shared via email.

(4) Special Occasions SEVA - Respected Acharyaji provides blessings to all Devotees during special occasions of the upcoming temple.

The SEVA group sincerely appreciates all Devotees support and cooperation in providing responses in a timely manner for the blessed task of data verification. As a reminder, it is ensured that the personal data is never shared with third parties.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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