Yatra Details 108 Divya Desam Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Yatra is currently in Atlanta area, GA. To schedule Kalyanams or for yatra details please send an email to kalyanayatra@jaisriram.org

Brick & Land Donation

Slokam: ||Koti Grameshu Vipranam Thatake dvikotibhihi |
|Trikoti koopa samyuktham Chathushkoti vanantaram |
|Pancha Kotisthu kanyayaam Denunaam sashtakotibhihi|
|Sathakotisthu Yagnanaam Prathishtaa phalamuthamam||

With divine blessings of Lord Sri Bhadradri Sri Rama Chandra Swamy, a historic temple is being constructed in the 33 acres of land at Cumming, GA USA. Every devotee can avail once in a life time opportunity to donate and be part of temple construction divine efforts DEVOTEES are welcome to donate either for Bricks or Land OR for both Brick & Land. Details are below
1 Brick - $11     |      10 Bricks - $108      |      1 Square feet - $108
Devotees donating $108 can avail the opportunity of performing Sri Sita Rama kalyanam after the temple inauguration by picking their choice of date as kalyanam date between Apr 2020 - Apr 2021 to perform Sri Sita Rama kalyanam on their behalf at the temple.Every $108 donation is eligible to avail 1 Sri Sita Rama kalyanam event and devotees are requested to provide their Gothram and Nakshatram details along with such donations.