Yatra Details Sarvam Sri Ramaarpanamasthu Yatra: SSR yatra is in Louisville, Kentucky. Interested devotees please visit Sarvam Sri Ramaarpanamasthu page and check the flyer for details.

Kalyanam At Temple

Namaste !

Surrendering to the holy feet of Lord Bhadradri Sri Rama parivaram, Kalyana yatra is blessed to inform that all kalyanam slots allocation to perform divine kalyanam at devotees home is now completed.

Kalyanam At Temple

Devotees interested in performing Kalyanam at Bharadri Sri Rama Temple Of USA after Temple Construction and Inaguration are welcome to submit their KAT - Kalyanam At Temple request using the form below. Devotee will receive an acknowledgement with KAT number upon submission. After temple Inaguration SEVA Coordinators will contact every KAT devotee to provide schedule and coordination details.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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