Yatra Details 108 Divya Desam Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Yatra is currently in Atlanta area, GA. To schedule Kalyanams or for yatra details please send an email to kalyanayatra@jaisriram.org

1008 Kalyana Yatra

       As part of divine sankalpam to build Bhadradri Sri Rama Temple in USA, priest Sri. Padmanabha Acharyulu garu after completing 108 Divya Desa Yatra in India arrived USA with Rama Parivaram to Nashville TN.

        The Lord Sri Rama parivaram continued to bless the devotees by  visiting the houses of all the devotees who participated in the Divya Desa Yatra in the year 2016 by taking the blessed title of 108 Divya Desam Kalyana Yatra giving devotees a unique opportunity to perform Kalyanams to the Lord at their home covering 3 Kalyanams on a single day. With the blessings of the Lord Sri Rama, respected Padmanabha Acharyulu garu has desired to fulfill 1008 Kalyanams in the United States before the incarnation of these divine idols at a temple in Georgia, USA determined by the Lord.

         First Kalyanam of 1008 Kalyana Yatra in USA  took place on Oct-14th  2016 at Nashville, TN. Since then, Lord has continued his visit to MO, IN, VA, MD, NC, TX, AZ, WA, CA, NJ, NY, TN etc and blessed all the devotees.   Lord Sri.Ramanarayana Swamy has completed 650 kalyanams so far with 25 % of 1008 Kalayanam in NC, 50 % of 1008 Kalyanam in IN.

       All the devotees that offered Kalyanam to the Lord are bonded and connected with this long divine journey and are eagerly awaiting the auspicious day to be part of the grand 1008th Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam event at the Temple premises on a future blessed day. Yatra continues.......

|| Jai Sri Ram ||