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Divine Sankalpam



      On an auspicious day in the early January month of 2016, priest Archakam Padmanabha Acharyulu was blessed with a rare divine thought to build Bhadradri Sri Ramanarayana Swamy temple in USA . This divine thought is a blessing from Lord Sri. Ramanarayana Swamy himself to come to USA and shower his blessings on all his devotees.

       As soon as this thought was blessed to our guruvugaru, he shared and discussed with well wishers, near and dear to proceed further. With blessings of Lord Rama, Lord Rama himself has made all the necessary arrangements for Sri. Padmanabha Acharyulu garu to reach India in April for Sri Ramanavami to take part in Ramanavami celebrations at Bhadrachalam.

      After Ramanavami celebrations, Lord has blessed and Sri. Padmanabha Acharyulu garu welcomed Lord Sri. Ramanarayana swamy parivaram, Lord Sri Rama Chandra Moorthy accompanied with Goddess Sita Mahalakshmi, Lord Lakshmana, Lord Hanuman, Lord Garuda  incarnated at Bhadrachalam on the auspicious Sri Rama Navami day in 2016.

       With Parivaram, guruvugaru has continued his journey of 108 Divya Desa Yatra and then 1008 Kalyana Yatra marching forward towards construction of temple in Atlanta, USA.  At present land of 33 acres was acquired and registered for temple construction to begin….

              Please visit 108 DivyaDesam  and 1008 Kalyanayatra pages for more details…

|| Jai Sri Ram ||