Yatra Details Sarvam Sri Ramaarpanamasthu Yatra: SSR yatra is in Louisville, Kentucky. Interested devotees please visit Sarvam Sri Ramaarpanamasthu page and check the flyer for details.

2023 Sri Rama Navami & Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam

Namaste Devotees

Appreciate all devotees for your continuous and generous support in this spiritual path. Every devotee's contribution and dedicated effort for the construction of the beloved Bhadradri Sri Rama Temple of USA will be remembered by future generations for years to come.

With the blessings of respected Acharyaji, SEVA team is very elated to provide the details of this year's blessed Sri Rama Navami event.

This year, Sri Rama Navami falls on Thursday, March 30th 2023. The event will be celebrated according to the traditions followed in Sri Bhadrachalam Devasthanam, India. Blessed sacred Talambralu and Vastralu for Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam will be arriving from Sri Bhadrachalam Devasthanam. 

Respected Acharyaji has blessed the devotees with two choices
  • Avail a rare and unique opportunity to invite Sri Rama Parivaram to your home before Sri Rama Parivaram enters the blessed temple, or
  • Visit Sri Rama Parivaram at Atlanta, Georgia and perform Kalyanam with Respected Acharyaji's blessings

  • In addition, the devotees can pick from one of the four different schedules
  • Half-a-day,
  • One-Day
  • Two-Days, or
  • Three-Days event
  • (Priority to be given for 3/2/1/half day event order of requests received)

    Interested devotees are also requested join any ONE of the TWO conference calls scheduled .
    1. Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 4PM EST/ 3 PM CST/ 2 PM MST/ 1 PM PST and/or
    2. Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 8PM EST/7PM CST/6 PM MST/5 PM PST (INDIA 6.30 am IST on Feb 12) where more details will be provided in addition to discussing the following information.

  • Dedicated support with devotion/time to perform this entire event
  • Help and be part of the logistics requirements, support (provided over the call)
  • Be blessed to be the host of the Sri Rama Navami event this year

  • Zoom Meeting details:

    click this https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87650766398 Go to www.zoom.us, click on “Join Meeting” and enter the Meeting ID: 87650766398

    Both ZOOM calls will cover the same details and Devotees can attend either one or both ZOOM calls to learn about the event in detail.

    The rare opportunity of performing this "7th Year Celebrations – Sri Seetha Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam" has been extended to the entire devotee community within USA. However, the host for the event will be chosen in the order listed below. Funds received in support for this event will be used purely for construction of the upcoming Bhadradri Sri Rama Temple of USA at Cumming, GA and tax exempted.
  • DHATHA: SRN 2023 Event Donor based allocation
  • 108 Yatra Devotee: Devotee joined at the time of 108 Divya Desam yatra, based on the lowest yatra ID number
  • KID#: Kalyanam ID number, based on lowest KID# number
  • SSR#: Sarvam Sri Ramaarpanamasthu ID number, based on lowest SSR# number
  • Any devotee from the community

  • Kindly spread the information with all devotees in the family and friends. All devotees within USA are welcome to host the event.

    SEVA team humbly requests the devotees who are interested to know more about the blessed opportunity of hosting this event, to provide your details below. A SEVA team member will be happy to reach out and provide further details on this event.

    || Jai Sri Ram ||

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